Bloomingdale’s Apologizes, Pulls ‘Fake News’ T-Shirt From Stores After A Reporter Complains

President Donald Trump has frequently talked about fake news.

But it isn’t only something that he talks about or that pertains to him.

It’s something that’s constantly out there, even acknowledged by those on the left who employ “fact checkers” to try to address it.

It’s an often justifiable criticism and a constant problem that we see every day in the news.

But some journalists don’t even think you should be allowed to use the term. At all.

And they want to shut down the expression of it.

Enter Bloomingdales.

Bloomingdales had a t-shirt it was selling with “Fake News” on it in their White Plains, N.Y. store.

From The Hill:

Reporter Allison Kaden of television station WPIX posted the image on Twitter Sunday tagging Bloomingdale’s and questioning the department store’s decision to sell the shirt with the phrase popularized by President Trump.

The post had been retweeted more than 1,000 times with nearly 3,000 favorites by Monday afternoon.

Bloomingdale’s responded to Kaden’s post Monday morning, apologizing and saying it would be “working quickly” to remove the shirt.

Bloomingdales told The Hill that they became aware that the shirt “was offensive to some,” so they removed it and apologize to anyone who found it “distressing.”

The only people it seemed to offend were Kaden and another reporter, Pamela Wood.

Others understood that it was terribly ironic and sad for “journalists” to call for shutting down free speech.

People chastised Kaden and crushed the Bloomingdale’s Twitter account asking to put the shirt back up.


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