VA Dem Rep. Admits They Might Not Force AG Out For Wearing Blackface Because Republican Would Succeed

Watch: VA Dem. Rep Admits What We All Knew About Forcing Out The Attorney General

The Democratic scandal continues to implode in Virginia.

Gov. Ralph Northam has refused to resign and did an interview with CBS where he said that he wanted to stay to “heal” Virginia. According to reports, he said that it couldn’t be him in his yearbook photo of two men, one with blackface and the other in a KKK hood, because they were holding beers in their right hands and he was left-handed. Multiple photos show Northam signing bills with his right hand.

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is facing a second allegation of sexual assault and a state delegate was expected to introduce a resolution calling for his impeachment today.

And to top that off, the next in line, Attorney General Mark Herring also wore blackface in the 80s but despite that had called for Northam to resign when his blackface story broke saying that Northam could no longer lead.

So what are the Democrats in Virginia going to do?

The host on “Face the Nation” asked Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va) about the take that they might not be going as hard on the Attorney General to resign because that would mean that the next in the line of succession – a Republican – might take over.

“Cynics will look at this and say the calculus to not be as harsh on the Attorney General is influenced by that,” she said.

Beyer disputed that but then proved that’s exactly what it was about.

“But I think it’s more about “values,” he said.

“We would move from a progressive, very strong attorney general to someone who’s not just a Republican but someone who’s on the arch-conservative end of it,” Beyer replied.

So wait, hold up.

You’ll excuse the blackface because of “values?”

Is this just more than a little wrong, hypocritical and upside down?


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