UNBELIEVABLE: Top Democrat Calls Out Mueller For Not Being Tough Enough On Trump

Democrats lawmakers routinely call out President Trump and their Republican colleagues for any criticisms they may have of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation he is leading into Russian interference efforts during the 2016 presidential election.

As the investigation slowly began to be less about Russia and more about finding crimes—any crimes, no matter how old—members of the Trump campaign team or those loosely associated with the campaign committed, Republicans have become more critical in their comments.

Twitchy reports House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is joining the choir of complaints against the special counsel; however, his concern is that Mueller is not tough enough on Trump.

Check it out, via the Washington Post:

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee expressed concern Sunday that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has not adequately scrutinized President Trump’s finances and said House investigators plan to probe Trump’s relationship with a bank implicated in Russian money laundering.

“We are not interested in our committee in whether he’s a tax cheat or not worth what he says he is,” Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) said in an appearance on the NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What we are interested in is, does the president have business dealings with Russia such that it compromises the United States?”


In particular, Schiff said the House panel plans to investigate Trump’s two-decade relationship with Deutsche Bank, a German institution that has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties in recent years after admitting its role in a $10 billion money laundering scheme that allowed clients in Russia to move vast sums overseas.

Schiff voiced concern that Mueller has shied away from investigating Trump’s ties to the German lender, saying that “if the special counsel hasn’t subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, he can’t be doing much of a money laundering investigation.”

Schiff was referring to reports last year that Mueller’s office had told Trump’s lawyers it was not seeking Deutsche Bank records related to Trump’s accounts or loans. Deutsche Bank became a critical lender to Trump in the late 1990s when major U.S. banks refused to do business with the New York real estate developer after repeated bankruptcies.

As the Washington Post reports, Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee has ramped up their investigative efforts into President Trump. The president has been critical of the renewed campaign and maintains his innocence:

The House Intelligence Committee has sought to bolster its investigative staff with financial and forensic accounting experts, part of an expansion of the Trump-Russia probe since Democrats gained control of the chamber.

Trump has lashed out at Schiff in recent days, calling him a “political hack” and questioning the committee’s authority to investigate his finances. “It’s called presidential harassment,” Trump told reporters last week. “And it’s unfortunate. And it really does hurt our country.”


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