‘Superman’ Does Simple Math, Exposes Ilhan Omar’s False Minimum-Wage Example

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is fast catching up to her fellow far-left freshman Democrat, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for gaffes and troubling statements.

And one of her recent statements was so problematic, it prompted “Superman” actor Dean Cain to respond.

As Conservative Tribune notes, Terrence Wise — a Missouri McDonald’s shift manager active in the “Fight for $15” movement — was being questioned by Omar during congressional testimony.

He testified that he made $11/hour at his job.

“So the median pay for a McDonald’s worker was $7,000 in 2017,” Omar responded. “And that is the pay gap between the CEO that’s making $21.8 million to the $7,000 that a worker who has put in 40 hours a day gets paid. To me, that just morally does not sit well.”

She then posted the exchange on Twitter calling for a raise in the minimum wage. “This is a moral outrage. We need a $15 minimum wage so that no one is paid a poverty wage. #RaiseTheWage”

Now she obviously misspoke when she said 40 hours a day. But even with 40 hours a week, it doesn’t add up, as Dean Cain noted. “At $11/hr. your math ain’t making any sense. Unless that dude works only 15 weeks of a year. And flipping burgers not quite the same as being CEO — among other problems with your comparison.”


40 hours a week at $11/hour = 440 a week. 440 a week x 50 weeks= $22,000 a year.

Ant there’s another problem with Omar’s claim.

First, a good reason those numbers don’t sound right: The median pay for a McDonald’s worker isn’t determined by the pay for a worker in the United States.

Omar likely got the statistic from a May 7, 2018, Associated Press story on the pay gap between CEOs and employees: “McDonald’s Corp. CEO Steve Easterbrook was paid almost $22 million last year, while the company’s median employee received around $7,000 annually. The fast-food company has the largest ratio in Illinois at 3,101 to 1.”

Denuded from the context was just what a “median employee” was.

“McDonald’s defines a median employee as a part-time hourly restaurant crew member in Poland, where wages are lower than in the U.S. and it didn’t use any of the exclusions allowed,” the AP story continued.

“Companies, like McDonald’s, with global workforces and that rely on part-time or temporary employees tend to have higher pay gaps. Easterbrook’s pay is also based on company performance, and the company’s value grew $36 billion last year.”

So she wasn’t even using solely U.S. numbers which would automatically skew the results. Plus she was referencing a foreign part-time worker number, not someone working the job 40 hours a week.

So did she not bother to think about the math or was she simply knowingly presenting false information to pitch the evil CEO and the inequity of it all?

Either is not a good look.

Good job by Dean Cain for pointing it out.


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