Poll: Virginians Weigh In On Ralph Northam and the Results Are Surprising

Is Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam resigning after his blackface/KKK photo scandal?

He says no.

What do Virginians think about it all?

Well, if you were to believe a new poll out, it’s pretty surprising.

From Fox News:

Nearly 60 percent of African-Americans in Virginia want Gov. Ralph Northam to remain in office despite the recent scandal surrounding a racist photo on the Democrat’s 1984 medical school yearbook page, according to a poll released Saturday.

The Washington Post-Schar School poll, conducted Wednesday through Friday, found Virginia’s broader population to be split evenly about Northam’s fate, with 47 percent wanting him to stay and the same percentage wanting him to resign.

African-Americans, however, prefer that the Democrat remain in office, 58 percent to 37 percent. Whites are more evenly divided.

Surprisingly, 11 percent admitted that they had worn blackface or knew someone who had.

Northam seems set to try to rehabilitate his image.

“There are still some very deep wounds in Virginia, and especially in the area of equity. … There are ongoing inequities to access to things like education, health care, mortgages, capital, entre­pre­neur­ship,” he said. “And so this has been a real, I think, an awakening for Virginia. It has really raised the level of awareness for racial issues in Virginia. And so we’re ready to learn from our mistakes.”

Notice again the language, how it’s “we” made mistakes, not “he” did.

And Northam just did an interview with Gayle King in his effort to rehab his image. The highlights are going to run on Sunday on Face the Nation and the full interview is to run on Monday.


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