Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Makes a Big Announcement As to Nathan Phillips…

Earlier in the week, Nick Sandmann’s lawyers announced that they were sending out letters to people in the media, celebrities and politicians who had targeted and/or otherwise told falsehoods about the Covington Catholic teen.

But there was one name conspicuously missing on the list in terms of people who might face a lawsuit, that of Nathan Phillips himself who told so many untrue things about what had happened in the incident.

Sandmann’s attorney has now announced that they will in fact be suing Phillips.

From Daily Wire:

Atlanta-based lawyer L. Lin Wood told LifeSiteNews on Thursday that he would be suing Phillips for his “lies and false accusations” against the Covington Catholic students – and Sandmann in particular. He also told the outlet that he would “file the first round of civil lawsuits within the next two weeks.”

Sandmann’s attorneys previously sent letters to 54 entities – including Democrat politicians, news outlets, and individual reporters – notifying them of a potential lawsuit. That list “continues to grow in number,” Wood told LifeSite, adding that Sandmann’s attorneys are “in the process of sending formal written retraction demands in conformity with statutes in states in which litigation may be filed.”

Wood also released a 15-minute video detailing the lies and smears perpetrated against his client by the media and others.

The lawyer also revealed that initially Sandmann hadn’t been allowed back to school after the false story was spread and the Diocese of Covington believed it. The Diocese is still investigating the matter, but Wood said he is convinced that Sandmann would be vindicated because he didn’t do anything other than stand there and encourage another student not to engage with a member of the Native American group.

Wood detailed how Phillips had falsely told the Washington Post that the Covington teens “surrounded” him as he was trying to get to the Lincoln Memorial. Video shows that isn’t what happened. Then once the video came out, Phillips’ story changed. He then claimed he was trying to break up what he viewed as a tense situation between the teens and the Black Israelite group, claiming falsely that the boys were throwing racial slurs at the black group and that he feared for the safety of the black men from the teens.

He then of course went up to Sandmann and beat a drum inched from his face while another Native American man yelled at the kids that they should “go back to Europe.”


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