U.S. Sends ISIS Leader Who Beheaded American One Hell of a Christmas ‘Present’

President Trump has done an incredible job with ISIS. President Obama screwed around for years mocking ISIS as the JV team and we all know how that ended up. The caliphate that was formed during his presidency is no more and while ISIS still exists they are nothing like they once were.

Trump hasn’t taken his foot off the pedal. We are still actively seeking out and destroying these monsters.

Here’s the latest on that.

From The Daily Caller:

An ISIS leader tied to the killing of an American aid worker in 2014 was killed in an airstrike, a military representative said Monday.

The U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS conducted drone strikes on Sunday against Abu al-Umarayn and several other IS members, Col. Sean Ryan, a spokesman for said coalition fighting, told the Associated Press. He also said that al-Umarayn was believed to be “posing an imminent threat” to coalition workers.

The strikes took place in a desert area in southeastern Syria.

Abu al-Umarayn was “involved in the killing” of military veteran Peter Kassig, 26, who was beheaded Nov. 16, 2014, according to Col. Ryan.

Nice to see justice being carried out on that one.

Let’s keep it going. We shouldn’t stop til every one of these guys is wiped off the earth.


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