Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows What Really Happened When Trump Showed Up to Pittsburgh Hospital

When President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Pittsburgh, they paid their respects at the synagogue where 11 people had been killed in the horrible anti-Semitic massacre.

They met with Rabbi Jeffrey Myers and some of the other members of the congregation. They also placed stones and flowers for each victim on the memorials. Trump also spent almost an hour with the widow of Richard Gottfried who was killed in the attack.

There were also a small group of protesters at the hospital, although kept a distance back, who chanted “President Hate, leave our state and “Trump, renounce white nationalism now!”

How severe does your Trump Derangement syndrome have to be that you would take it to a synagogue where victims are grieving or the hospital where wounded people are recovering? That’s pretty bad. Who is really showing hate when you do things like that?

Of course, media covered that despite the fact that it was clearly political (or maybe because it was clearly political) and covered the Democratic mayor suggesting he didn’t want a visit from Trump.

But most media missed what went on in the hospital, where the staff was very thankful that Trump and the First Lady came and thanked them for their efforts.

Trump also met with the four wounded police officers who were still in the hospital and their families.

From Daily Caller:

Pittsburgh resident Sheryl Mascio, however, captured a behind-the-scenes moment of the president as he visited survivors of the shooting at a nearby hospital. Mascio posted the video on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

The video shows Trump and Melania stopping on their tour of the hospital to greet doctors and nurses who were tending to the victims.

“I wanted you to see the President tonight at UPMC in Pittsburgh visiting the survivors of the shooting as the nurses and [doctors] were waiting to see him,” Mascio said.

The doctors and nurses cheered when they saw him there. And Trump thanked them for their hard work and shook their hands.


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