Mom Is Caught Off Guard When Boy Doesn’t Head Into School After Being Dropped Off, Then Realizes Why

A kindergartner from Texas named Royce Thompson was dropped off to school a little late one day.

What happened next caught his mother off guard, until she realized exactly why Royce stopped in his tracks.

From Fox 5 DC:

The parents of a Santa Fe boy are feeling pretty proud of their son tonight.

A mother posted a message on Facebook saying she dropped her son off at school a little late last week.

As he walked in, he could hear them already saying The Pledge of Allegiance over the speakers.

Royce’s next move? He stood to recite the pledge and say a prayer.


How great is that?

While liberal elitists in the education system continue to push propaganda aiming to dissuade future leaders from being patriotic, proud Americans can take comfort knowing there are still kids like Royce out there doing the right thing.

Fox 8 has more:

The boy also said a prayer before starting his school day.

“Thank you God. Thank you for giving me a wonderful day,” Royce said.

Heather Nelson posted the sweet photo on Facebook, saying she was so proud of her son.

Royce’s actions are a true testament to his upbringing. This boy was raised right.

Good on you, Royce!

American Experiment has more on patriotism in schools:

The events of Sept. 11 brought us face to face with determined foes who loathe democracy and religious liberty. Their attack has raised questions that few Americans have seriously considered since World War II and the early years of the Cold War: What does it mean to be an American? Are we, as citizens, willing to sacrifice to defend this nation’s ideals and institutions?

In answering these questions, we find ourselves pondering a word now rusty with disuse. That word is “patriotism,” which means love of one’s country and devotion to its welfare.

Young people, especially, need to reflect on patriotism, for they will soon hold the future of our democracy in their hands. Currently, however, our schools are not in a position to lead the discussion. Most educational groups have urged teachers to mark Sept. 11 with lessons that stress the need for enhanced “tolerance” and “diversity.” Few have called for lessons about America’s founding principles, or the cost at which our freedom was won.


But calls for tolerance and diversity will not prepare students for the challenge they now face. For if our children are to preserve their heritage of freedom, they must understand why it is so precious — and so rare. They must learn to love their country — in short, to become patriots. Our goal is not to make them knee-jerk supporters of the status quo, but public-spirited citizens who cherish their birthright and resolve to pass it on to future generations.

How can our schools encourage patriotism?

If students are to become patriots, they must understand — and embrace — the principles of liberty, equality and justice on which this nation is founded. In addition, they must develop the qualities of character that mark true citizens: courage, responsibility, gratitude to forebears and a self-sacrificing devotion to the common good. As educators (and parents), our task is to help young people see that America is worthy of their love, and to help them become worthy of their heritage as U.S. citizens.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]


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