‘Homeland’ Slips In ‘Hidden’ Message About POTUS In Season Premier

As the far left mainstream media fawns over the North Koreans at the Winter Olympics, the popular Showtime program Homeland is doing its best to let their audience know that President Donald Trump is a fascist.

How do they do this? By slipping in a hidden message to parallel the show’s president with Trump and the current state of affairs.

Here’s the deal…

From NewsBusters:

The February 11 season premiere “Enemy of the State” continues after the shocking season six finale when President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) ordered the sudden arrest and detainment of 200 intelligence officers for allegedly being connected to her attempted assassination.

Despite the attempted parallels to Hillary Clinton from the previous season, the show now seems determined to portray Keane as the paranoid, tyrannical figure that liberals imagine Trump is. Observe how she behaves upon being questioned for suggesting a former general be executed.

Partial transcript from the show:

Wellington: Well, I’m not sure going after him directly was the best move.

Keane: He openly challenged me. What was I supposed to do?

Wellington: Well, you might’ve stuck to the script.

Keane: I had to respond.

Wellington: Senator Paley was on CNB this morning, calling your leadership style “thuggish” and “authoritarian.” No one’s doubting how tough you are.

Keane: Good.

Wellington: Which makes it exactly the right time to throttle back a little, take your foot off the gas.

Keane: Not yet.


Prior to the premiere, Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa commented on the plot as it relates to our current administration. He remarked, “I think [Trump] might be amused just to watch an administration convinced that there was something called the ‘deep state’ aligned against her. Clearly that’s a fear that the Trump administration feels every day.”

What in the world makes Trump a fascist by the way? Is he physically beating up people who disagree with him as the left does routinely?


More on the media’s love of North Korea…

They chose to side with the hermit kingdom over the United States to push the propaganda Kim Jong-un would want. It should not be lost on anyone that Kim Yo-Jong (Kim Jong-un’s sister) is the head of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation in North Korea.

What’s so ‘satisfying’ about cult slaves performing obligatory moves?

From Daily Mail:

South Korean activists burned the North’s flag on Sunday in a protest against the two countries’ efforts to improve relations during the Winter Olympics.

The protesters set the flag alight along with a portrait of Kim Jong Un, whose sister was due to watch a Northern musical display with the South’s President at a nearby theatre in Seoul.

A Pyongyang orchestra was to give a concert in Seoul as part of a cross-border deal in which the isolated, nuclear-armed North sent hundreds of athletes, cheerleaders and others to the Pyeongchang Games in South Korea.

But the rapprochement pushed by South Korean President Moon Jae-in has angered conservatives who accuse him of being a North Korea sympathiser.

The MSM is concerned this might be undermining the alliance with the United States and that it’s giving the North Koreans an opportunity to push propaganda, which Western media appears to be lapping up.

Most Koreans want reunification. But South Koreans see unification as the North Koreans putting aside the threats and their communism and accepting democracy. North Koreans see it as South Korea being taken over and Pyongyang ruling.

So when the North Korean cheerleaders chant or sing about unification, it’s not a happy “let’s love everyone song.”

And when Kim Yo-Jong signed a guest book wishing for unification, it’s not a ‘warm message’ of love.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]


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