Trump Announcing Change Conservatives Have Longed To Have For Decades

President Donald Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’ and his proposed 2019 budget aims to do just that with the federal civilian workforce, with some of the biggest reforms in decades.

The budget is scheduled to be released Monday and it’s going to be bad news for bad workers.

From Conservative Tribune:

To put it simply, Trump’s plan seeks to “hire the best and fire the worst,” USA Today reported.

Senior officials with the Office of Management and Budget who spoke anonymously with The Washington Times said the plan aimed to put a stop to regular, tenure-and merit-based raises for more than 1.5 million federal workers and instead focus on performance-based raises.

In other words, federal employees will now have to work hard for their raises, and those who do not perform well could be fired.


You mean actually treat the government like a business where you give raises based on merit and fire people if they are not doing their job?

Oh, Nirvana, could it be? Is it too much to hope for? This is what Americans have been longing to have for years.

The proposal would reportedly generate $10 billion over 10 years for performance-based payments.

The goal was to bring the 1950s-styled Civil Service into the digital age.

Officials also said annual reviews that now give “everybody” a grade of four or five on a scale of five would be eliminated. Employee benefits, which can be 47 percent higher than those in the private workforce, will also be cut.

Other changes proposed in the budget include creating a bonus pool to reward good employees, retraining of employees and reassigning workers where they are needed, according to The Examiner.

While officials did not indicate how the changes would impact the size of the government after the three years of reform, “it was clear that many workers in jobs that private industry has automated will be out,” the Examiner reported.

They believe that this plan would “generate $10 billion over 10 years for performance-based payments.”

USA Today reported that the president is using the VA Accountability Act as a model for the budget plan, noting that the White House claimed that the law resulted in 1,470 employees being terminated, 443 suspensions and 83 demotions last year.

This is part of the leaner federal government that Trump promised during the 2016 campaign. where he called on Congress to “empower every Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

If they are only able to achieve this, imagine not just the money saved, but how much better the government would operate.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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