Here’s The Official List Of What Democrats Refused To Clap For At Trump’s SOTU, It’s Downright Shameful

The list of things the Democrats refused to stand and applaud for during last night’s State of the Union speech is thoroughly shameful. Among other topics, Democrats wouldn’t clap for God, refused to smile for higher black employment rates, turned their back on the American flag, and ignored the growing success against ISIS.

With many dressed all in black to protest Trump, Democrats sat stone-faced during the recounting of nearly all of President Donald Trump’s success during the speech. And, while we are used to the party out of power sitting glum in a president’s SOTU, the petulance exhibited by Democrats last night was particularly disgusting.

One telling moment was when a large number of Democrats even refused to stand and clap for First Lady Melania Trump. Despite how much Republicans disliked Obama and Clinton they never treated their First Ladies as badly Democrats did Melania during Donald Trump’s SOTU.

There was a long list of things that President Trump mentioned that should have been easy for Democrats to stand and celebrate as if they were real Americans. But, because they are like pouty children, they refused to stand to honor our flag, to honor our God, or to celebrate the economic improvements that have helped enrich all our lives.

Townhall came up with a list of things the Democrats refused to clap for:

  • job creation
  • higher wages
  • lower African American and Hispanic unemployment rates
  • bonuses for employees
  • securing the border
  • fighting the opioid epidemic
  • merit-based immigration
  • the American flag and the national anthem
  • in God we trust
  • a path to citizenship
  • Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • diminishing the Islamic State
  • lower prescription drug costs
  • defense and modernizing our nuclear arsenal

Nancy Pelosi was ridiculed for her sour face and Illinois Democrat Representative Luis Gutierrez was so disgusted by the chant of “USA, USA,” that he stood up and literally ran out of the chamber to escape the terrible chant. Gutierrez later claimed that he was “late for an interview” and that is why he left the speech. No one believes him.

Even though Democrats couldn’t be seen celebrating American ideals, Americans generally liked Trump’s speech.

As Breitbart News Reports

An “instant” poll of viewers who watched President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night found that 75% approved of the speech, while only 25% disapproved — a 50-point margin in the president’s favor.

CBS News remarked: “Eight in 10 Americans who watched tonight felt that the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it.”

The CBS News / YouGov poll may have been skewed somewhat by the fact that more Republicans watched the speech than Democrats.

Even 43 percent of Democrats liked the speech:

CNN had a similar poll with similar results:

If you missed it, watch the full speech below:

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]


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