Cher Attempts To Fashion-Shame Sarah Sanders, Gets SERVED by Another Famous Sarah

Cher, who claims that she is a feminist ripped White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for her fashion style. But Sanders who finds herself a frequent target of ‘feminists’ for her style, her weight and overall appearance got an assist from another Sarah, Sarah Palin.

Cher started the kerfluffle with a nasty attack on Sanders.

From Biz Pac Review:

“Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife,” Cher tweeted. To illustrate her point, the 71-year-old singer posted a photo of two women wearing baggy long dresses, sensible flat shoes, and no makeup.

Pretty hypocritical to attack Sanders for her appearance and claim to be a feminist.

And Cher is perhaps the last person who should be talking about fashion style or what anyone else is wearing given her predilection for barely-there and risque clothing.

But Cher flipped out that anyone dared criticize the way she dressed after she had posted about Sanders. She tweeted the following admission.

“Could You Any WEAKER (be) I’ve had ppl say nasty things about me & my clothes for 53 yrs. Some days Lead, Some Days Feathers. Are you such Princess’s that a stupid joke gets your knickers in a twist You dislike/Hate me,& I Don’t care. Perhaps Walmart’s Sells backbones.”

So if you’ve been attacked for your clothing for years, why would you attack anyone else?

Coming to Sanders aid was Sarah Palin who has faced her own attacks from Cher.

In response, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin tweeted a link to an article that showed a hilarious photo contrast between Sanders and Cher. In 2013, classy feminist Cher attacked Sarah Palin by calling her a “c—.”

Sanders is just one of the many women holding power positions in the Trump administration.

If they had been Democrats, media would no doubt be covering how empowering of women they were. But because it’s the Trump administration not so much.

Sanders is not only the press secretary but she’s also the first one who is married and the mother of three. Sanders says it’s her family that keeps her grounded.

This is the first time in eight years that the press is doing other than lobbing softballs, asking fair and unfair questions.

And as April D. Ryan found out, Sanders can bake a mean pie, in addition to deftly handling the press.

So how about feminists recognize what she has achieved.

Unfortunately, she’s the wrong party for the recognition.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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